About Us

Vezin Yeminli Mali Müşavirlik A.Ş., was founded by tax inspectors who worked in the private sector in the position of Sworn-in CPA and executive manager for fifteen years, after their long years of experience in the public sector.

Our company's  branches  are located in Ankara and İstanbul and in addition to these two cities, we serve  many companies located in many different cities of Turkey that are leaders in various  fields such as energy, industry, construction ,engineering,  communication, tourism, animal husbandry and agriculture.

Tax and regularity services, auditing services and outsourcing services are among the company's main activities. Corporate Tax Certification Reporting is our most prominent service with tax refunds, consultancy services in case of mergers, division, disposition or acquisition of companies and financial advisory services being our other main services. We are serving our customers to decrease their risk of undergoing a tax inspection and to help them detect and correct their erroneous tax and accounting implementations at an early stage. In our auditing performances, we regard International Tax Regulations, in addition to The Turkish Tax Legislation and Turkish Uniform Accounting System.  

We are very conscious that the level of accuracy and reliability in financial statements is a significant factor for various decision makers to make accurate decisions. With our Independent auditing service, we are verifying the reliability of financial statements and reporting the results.  In this context, we serve a range of companies including publicly held ones. Our Auditing services are processed in accordance with public institutes' regulations such as the Public Oversight Accounting and Auditing Standards Authority (KGK), the Capital Market Boards Of Turkey (SPK) and the Energy Market Regularity Authority (EPDK). In addition to this, we audit the reporting results that are prepared for public institutes on request. Bond Issuing and Initial Public Offering consultancies are other activities that can fall within our scope.

We provide outsourcing services and determine the requirements to do business in Turkey to cope with business issues and undermine risk of facing any tax investigations, for our international clients on requests. We set up their accounting systems in accordance with the Turkish Accounting Principles and Regulations.  Providing integration of local accounting systems into the headquarters' accounting programs is another of our services in this scope. Our support does not end with preparing and executing the transaction, we support our clients in the post-deal stage, even at critical moments of the integration phase.

We are acutely aware that our staff is at the heart of our business strategy and success. Therefore we are highly selective in our hiring and we give importance to our members’ professional developments. We also offer a wide variety of training and developmental opportunities so our staff can stay relevant in the market place and build their credentials and experiences. When one considers that Vezin YMM A.Ş. is serving over 150 clients all around Turkey right now, it is obvious that it provides a chance for its staff to practice and improve their abilities in various fields. Our primary human resources policy is to emphasize that we are a large family with our staff, including their families, because their contributions are invaluable to our success.  We see our goals as being in common with those of our staff and our desire is to never break our connection with them. We will be proud of their success in addition to our own in the future.